Friday, October 14, 2011

Addison Foote: No Comply Kickflip

Check out some late season footage of DB team rider Addison Foote and his no comply kickflip.

Tommy Larouche Part 3

Check out the newest video from newly added DB team rider Tommy Larouche. Tommy rides in Lac-Saint-Jean , Quebec and has been progressing rapidly over the past couple seasons. Be on the lookout for Tommy's profile on the 2012 DB Skimboards website.

Fall Sesh with Russel Tandy

Adrien Backside 360's

DB team rider Adrien Raza just sent over a short clip of a recent session in the Netherlands. Check out Adrien as he attempts (and lands) some really sick backside 360's!!!

Tee Sale.

Get them while they are hot! We are blowing out select 2011 styles for just $14.95! Head on over to to pick up a fresh new tee at a super mellow price!

Adrien Raza, France Trip

Adrien just sent over some footage from his most recent trip to France. The video features shots from both France and Holland. Adrien never ceases to amaze with his unmatched skills in flatland and one-foot maneuvers. If you are trying to dial in 5-shuv to one foot this is the tutorial....

DB Skimboards Twelve Episode #10: Chambers Creek Throwdown 2011

Better late than never! Episode 10 is up and super sick. This edit features footage from the 2011 Chambers Creek Throwdown. The video showcases some serious talent from riders from all over the NW and as far as UT. There are some seriously awesome tricks that went down AND made it onto tape! Check it out yourself.

New Edit from Addison, St. George UT

Addison just sent over a very entertaining video from St. George UT. The video features some great riding from DB team riders; Addison Foote, Lexi Hutchings, and Blake Zimmerman. The video also features quite a few St. George locals throwing down some sick tricks! This video will put a smile on your face and get you stoked to go take advantage of the last few weeks of summer.

New Dash Point Pro/Am Video from the NWST

Just uploaded by Mr. Matt Mcdonald from the Northwest Skimboard Tour and The video's got a ton of bangers and a few tricks that we didn't capture so it's definitely worth a watch! Check out the video to the right and make sure to head over to for more photo's from the comp. Also be sure to head over to of other skim news, forums, and other great stuff!

Chambers Creek Throwdown 2011 (results)

The 2011 Chambers Creek Throwdown went down last Saturday. The weather started off overcast but was sunny by about 2 O'clock and prime for conditions for the obstacles DB brought down to shred. The features included tons of box variations, corrugated pipes and a slant wall/flat pipe combo jib! Everyone rode really well and there were impressive maneuvers from all divisions. After all was said and done the following participants took the top spots, prizes and cash. Big thanks to our sponsors this year: EVO, Northwest Snowboards, Snowboard Connection, Imperial Motion, Bleach, Reel Winch Systems, DB Longboards, Logo Clothing and the Northwest Skim Tour.

For more photo's please visit the DB Skimboards Facebook Page

1. Isaac Thomas
2. Arthur Murray
3. Blake Zimmerman
4. Richard Doctor
5. Bryce S.

1.Timothy P
2. Josiah Thomas
3. Thomas Crook
4. Doug Parker

1. Seth Thomas
2. Oliver Parkman
3. Casey Gackle