Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Skimfest in Sacramento

The 10th Annual Skimfest is going on this Saturday and should make for a long drive and some super fun riding. Sounds like they'll have some cool set ups and a big a crowd of riders. Who knows who will pull away with what placing, should be intense.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Skim Camp Last Hoorah!

Summer is beginning to wind down, but there is still ample time to have some fun in the sun with the skim crew. We are having are last skim camp session next week, Monday-Tuesday 10:30-2:30, and Wednesday-Thursday 11:00-3:00. There is still room so if you've been holding out, now is the time to register. For more deatils, go to or send us an email at . Here's a few shots from the past weeks.

Friday, August 17, 2007


Skimboarding is a very technical sport, and requires a very technical short. That is why the new DB Boardshorts are light weight, quick drying, and feature both a neoprene fly, and inner-mesh boxer so your unmentionables don't get sandburn during long sesh's. Truly comfy, and super clean looking, these are a must. Available in sizes 30, 32, 34, and 36. Very limited quantities, available through the DBS store eventually, or better yet email us at to get your pair before they run out. $40, Cash check, or paypal.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


This year Richard passed the torch of contest teaser editing to Isaac who did a great job with this one. Although it's been a couple months hope you guys are stoked on this footy. We'll throw it up in the media section of the site in a bit as well.

Monday, August 13, 2007

DBS Big Weekend (post)

The team had a big weekend. Friday we started the adventure off wake skimming/surfing with greg from Northwest Riders ( ) on lake Washington. The sun managed to come out by the afternoon and we snuck in some runs before the afternoon glass dissappeared. The team spent the rest of the day testing the new longboards on the smooth asphalt of Bellingham. Saturday the team participated in the Inversion Snow-n-Skate skim demo in Birch Bay, WA. The demo was a bit chilly but everyone had a good time, and some gnarly tricks went down. Sunday was our first annual DB Chambers Creek Throwdown which was a huge success. Although it wasn't 80 degrees, the local chambers creek riders really stepped up at the comp showing off what chambers has to offer. The results are as follows:

Open Men:

1st: Issac Thomas
2nd: Bryce Hermansen/Mike Stelz
3rd: Jesse Quiocho
4th: Tony Sadler
5th: Tim Mackey


1st: Emile Panerio
2nd: Darrin Hamphrey
3rd: Josiah Thomas
4th: Oneil Kwangwanh
5th: Max Redburn


1st: Ashleigh Cox
2nd: Ashley Westerdahl

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Sorry for the delay, better late than never! It's going down this sunday at the creek. We've got some great prizes so come out and be a part of the first ever Throwdown at chambers creek. Please carpool, because parking is limited. Event Tee's will be available with artwork done by lonnie ruffcorn, limited numbers so get them while there hot.

This is a Drug and Alcohol free event.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Stratos Comp RESULTS

Stratos Results (DBS Team Riders):

Pro Men:

1st: Isaac Thomas
4th: Richard Docter
5th: Bryce Hermansen


1st: Spencer Rake Marona
2nd: Tony Saddler
4th: Tim Mackey


Emile Panerio


1st: Jessica Avery

The team rode exceptionally and we took home all the 1st place rankings and the title belt. The guys at stratos did a good job setting the event up even though the tide didnt cooperate. More pics eventually, maybe an album on the site...

Friday, August 3, 2007

Upcoming events!

Hope to see you at these happenings for the next two weekends. Say hello if you're going to make it out as we'll have the whole crew out, should be a blast.