Friday, April 30, 2010

New Skim Camp Website, Register Online!

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. With the weather warming up it's just about time for DB Skim Camps to get back into session. To celebrate we just launched a brand new website for DB Skim Camp 2010. The website has information on the camps, dates and session times, and online registration!

Make sure to get your registration in early since each session has a limited number of students. To register click "register" on the correct session on the home page, fill out the form and click "submit," after submitting you should be automatically routed to our payment screen. Fill out the payment form and pay with any major credit card and your done! Once you've registered we'll send you a welcome email with further details about the first day of camp closer to your session.

Check out the new site:

Stiker Requests Shipped

So we finally got our act together and got sticker requests mailed back. Sorry for the delay guys! Check your mailbox in the next couple days for an envelope with a DB sticker on the outside. Enjoy!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Flatland Skimboarding with Adrien

Check out this little video to see what Adrien's been up to lately.

Skim 2 Live Benefit Contest (wrap up)

The Skim To live contest and benefit for breast cancer went down on April 17th in Cypress Texas.

Here's what Ryan Efaw ,one of the coordinators, had to say about the contest,

"The comp went very well! Everything went smoothly, and it was just about exactly how I had pictured it, so I was happy with it.

We had about 600 people come out through the day, and raised about $2,000 on Saturday. That took our total amount raised to just over $5,000, and we still have some donations trickling in. The Rose is the non-profit breast cancer organization we support, and they were very impressed and grateful. They provide mammograms and services to people with breast cancer regardless of their ability to pay, and with our donation they will be able to provide around 60 mammograms free of charge.

The skim comp was extremely fun. Here are the results:

1st: Timothy Helm from Evolution Skim (Oklahoma City)
2nd: Paul Lentz from Skim 2 Live (Cypress)
3rd: Ryan Efaw (myself) from Skim 2 Live (Cypress)

We also had "Skim School" after the competition where many people learned how to skim for the first time.

We definitely succeeded in our two main goals of spreading breast cancer awareness, and spreading flatland skimboarding, so we would like to thank all of our supporters.

As always we would like to inform people that there is no cure for breast cancer yet, but the best prevention is a healthy, active lifestyle. So Skim 2 Live... Literally"

Thanks to Ryan and his crew for putting on this event.

Ryan with a shuv

Crowd at the beach

Bobby Jacobs on the box.

Timothy Helmsman eating it on the c-rail.

They even did a little skim school. Gotta teach em young.

Sign on the way to the beach.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Believe in your dreams DVD Case, Making of

Here at DB we do our best to make our products more "eco-friendly." Keep in mind that we do "our best," we aren't perfect but we do what we can to make the earth a little greener. Our BIYD DVD cases are one example of how DB is doing it's part. BIYD Cases are made from excess cardboard from our plant, instead of buying a bunch of plastic landfill bound cases this year we decided to take some of the extra cardboard from our shop and process it into cardboard DVD cases. The cases are re-cycled cardboard printed with eco friendly water based ink. So when you are "over" BIYD in 10 years just rip the hub out of the case and put it in your recycle bin :)

Step #1: Cut the cardboard

Cardboard is cut to shape on our cutting press.

Step #2: Scraps are put aside, ripped, and Re-Cycled

Inevitably there are some cardboard scraps produced from each piece of cardboard that goes into the press. We take those scraps and cut them to size, then put them in the re-cycle bin.

Step #3: Printing

After the cardboard is done being cut, the cases are printed flat with waterbased ink. Each case has a two color print on the front and a one color print on the interior.

Step #4: Drying

Each case is heat cured in our conveyor dryer and then stacked hap-hazardly on a random table.

Step #5: DVD Hub

An adhesive DVD hub is applied onto the case to hold the disc. We wanted to use our scrap foam to hold the disc but our foam turned out to be too soft to hold the disc well. These hubs are rubber....not so eco-friendly but at least your DVD will stay put!

Step #6: Folding

Cases are folded along scored lines applied by the cutting press.

Step #7: Disc is inserted on the hub

BIYD is put into place in all it's monster clad goodness.

Step #8: Rubber band is attached

Again....rubber...but something's got to hold the dvd closed! Just make sure you put his rubber band to good use if it's not going to be on your DVD case.

Step #9: Shrink Wrap

Yeah shrink wrap is plastic, but it keeps your DVD case clean and in one piece so it gets to you safe and sound. And get can re-cylcle it! Make sure your re-cylcing service accepts category 4: LDPE Low-Density Polyethylene and you should be good to go.

Well there you have it. A cardboard DVD case made from mostly existing materials that is mostly recyclable. We aren't green scientists but it seems like this case has to better or ever "slightly better" than a traditional 100% plastic DVD case. It's also hand made in the USA and pretty Rad! Make sure to pick up BIYD and check the packaging and movie out. It's our best movie yet and is sure to blow your mind.

Buy it here:

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lexi Hutchings, UT Skim Camps

Lexi Hutchings will be holding skim camps in St. George, UT this summer. Her first session will be on May 22nd from 9am to 12pm. Make sure to get signed up soon before the first session fills up. To register send an email to

If you aren't in St. George, Don't forget to sign up for DB Skim camps @

Monday, April 19, 2010

DB Skimboards hits Bellingham Bay, warm weather

Richard, Isaac, Emile, Kyle and many friends made it down to Bellingham Bay on Sunday afternoon. The weather was great all weekend and the skim was warm and a lot of fun. The crew brought out a flat rail and had a good sesh. A game of skim went down with Isaac coming out on top knocking out richard and Emile with a barrage of technical frontside shuv combinations. The boys got creative and locked into a variety of slide/grabs, and other fun tricks! Even though Richard forgot the camera, the crew managed to get a few shots using a cellphone...we'll try and remember the SLR next time.

Looks out for more DB sessions going down as the weather warms up. If you see us out make sure to say hello!

[caption id="attachment_656" align="alignnone" width="432" caption="The clouds and wind picked mid way through the sesh."][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_657" align="alignnone" width="432" caption="Isaac with a backboard tail grab."][/caption]
[caption id="attachment_658" align="alignnone" width="432" caption="Emile showing off for the (cellphone) camera"][/caption]

Chambers Creek Throwdown video uploaded

If you didn't make it last year you missed out on a fun comp! Check out the video for PNW skimboarders "throwingdown" at last years Chambers Creek Throwdown. This year's event will be happening in July and we're hoping for warm weather. Keep any eye out for the poster and more info right here at!

Friday, April 16, 2010

DB Skimbaords Shop Update: 4/16/2010

Periodically we'll post a shop update to let you know what's been happening around DB headquarters, what's new, and what's up and coming. April has been a busy month. We've been backed up so we apologize if it has taken us longer than usual to get your order out. We have be working long hours to try and get it all out ASAP!

Product Updates:
-Monster Tee, Standard Tee, NW Tee, Camera Tee, Thomas Tank, Team Tank, Varsity Tee AND Outline Sweatshirts are all NOW SHIPPING!

-Super Cush Archbars and Traction Packs are NOW SHIPPING!

-BIYD Ships MONDAY, keep an eye on the blog for a photo documentary of the entire production process of the cases, from cutting, to printing, to finishing we gonna take you through the entire process.

-Boards: Standard Boards are NOW SHIPPING (certain sizes will begin shipping and will be back up as available for customs mid next month)

-Flex and Pro Skimboards are ahead of schedule! We had posted these boards to ship May 31st but it's looking like it's gonna be earlier....possibly 1-2 weeks earlier! Lucky you! We'll keep you posted.

-DB Fitted Hats are coming next on the look out in the store and on the blog

-Longboard Completes are shipping!

-Pick it all up at or your local DB Dealer

The weathers been getting warm again so make sure to grab your board and get back out there. We'll see you at the beach.

[caption id="attachment_651" align="alignnone" width="600" caption="Arch Bars cut fresh every every color imaginable......"][/caption]
[caption id="attachment_650" align="alignnone" width="800" caption="Longboard completes now shipping, great transportation to the beach."][/caption]
[caption id="attachment_649" align="alignnone" width="600" caption="2010 Catalogs are in! Pick up a copy at your local DB Dealer soon!"][/caption]
[caption id="attachment_648" align="alignnone" width="800" caption="Sticker requests are getting mailed back now. Check your mail box, keep them coming!"][/caption]

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Canadian Open Video

Matt from just posted a sweeet video from the 2009 Canadian Open. Look for DB Team Riders Isaac Thomas, Logan Davidson, Blake Zimmerman, Emile Panerio, Bryce Hermansen, and Richard Docter shredding on the various obstacles.

Congrats to team rider Isaac Thomas for taking best overall and Emil Panerio for best on the Hellbound Rail. Big thanks to Matt for shooting and editing the video and Kyle Lynch for hosting a great event.

Skimfest Video, DB Team Riders Shredding!

Check out DB team riders in the new Skim Fest 2009 video from Blister Productions.

Thanks to Lon for shooting and editing this great video (not to mention putting on the comp!)

Aaron Turville Places 2nd in Frankston, AUS

Team rider Aaron Turville place 2nd in the U-18 division in the Frankston comp in Australia. Nice Job Aaron. Keep up the good work!

Definition of "Random" color way

We've gotten a few questions about the "random colors" option when ordering flex and standard boards so I though we'd post a few of them:

Q: Can I choose the colors if I order "random colors?"
A: Nope. That would defeat the purpose of this option being random. Take a risk and see what you get! If you would like to specify the colors in your logo get a custom board.

Q: If I don't like the colors in my "random color" board can I exchange it?
A: Nope. It's expensive to ship boards back and forth so once you specify random that's what you gotta keep. We don't make any "ugly" color combo's, they are all pretty rad. You should be pretty happy with whatever you get. Plus it will be unique.

Q: Does the main pad color change or just the logo?
A: Just the logo!

Hope that helps clarify "random colors." We have been stoked on all the sick color combo's we've been finding making random boards! Take a risk and see what you get!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

NW Tee's now available!

If you have been itching to get your hands on a Northwest Tee now is your chance! As you may know we print all of our tee's in house. These babies got printed, sewed, and packaged early this week and are now ready to order! Printed on super soft and comfortable American Apparel tee's so you know it's gonna make it into your regular t-shirt rotation.

DB Skim Camps Added to web store, register today

If you are thinking about getting into a camp this year head over to and get signed up before the sessions fill up! With instructors like Isaac Thomas, Emile Panerio, and Tim Mackey you'll have a good time guaranteed.

DB Lonboard Skateboard Completes added to the web store

If you had not heard, DB is now making longboards. Check out for a closer look or go straight to and check them out there.

Now you can order anyone of our longboards with your choice of wheels, trucks, and much more. Check it out!

DB Skimboards Custom Board Builder (updated)

Check out the updated Custom Board Builder and check out the new logo and foam color options. The new 2010 standard and flex logo's have 3 color options in the logo alone, add in the main foam color and you've got four colors to choose and make something truly unique. Check it out!

Once you've got the perfect board designed, head over to our online store and place your orders. Spring is a very busy season for us so get your order in early!

Logan and Blake Skim Dumas (cell phone footy)

Logan and Blake get tech, delivered via cellphone camera.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

DB Visits Taiwan

Richard and Kyle took a trip to visit Ruei and the DB Skimboards Taiwan crew last week. The boys had a great time experiencing what Taiwan is all about with Ruei and his great group offriends train at the Taipei AirportOn the Subway

The boys toured Taipei on scooters whipping in and out of buses and riding 50 deep in some of the craziest scooter posse's on earth.
Ruei Built a sweet up flat in his Taishan apartment before we arrived. After getting the box down the stairs we quickly got it loaded up and on the way to Danshui.
Richard popping a shuv in a tidepool in Danshui. The weather was warm and everyone was stoked to be skimming. Although it was windy the crew had a sick sesh!
Ruei putting Taiwanese flatland skimboarding on the map with a nice shuv out.
The DB Taiwan crew!
DB Taiwan showed us how it was done with all kinds of meats, seafood, vegetables, and local delicacies."]
Kyle and Ruei on our last day in Taiwan, exploring the northern coastline.

DB has to give a huge thank-you to Ruei and his family for hosting us. Also a big thanks to Hung, Duong, Nik, Jason, Wei, Jocelyn, and everyone else who hosted us! We had a great time and are hoping to make it back soon!

For more information or to buy a board locally in taiwan: