Monday, August 8, 2011

Polish Skimboarding Open

Friedrich sent over some photos and video from the Polish Skimboarding open. The event drew a large crowd and has become the largest flatland skimboarding event in Europe. Although the weather did not cooperate the day of the event the boy still threw down and shreded some fun looking obstacles! Congrats to DB skimboards team rider Friedrich Fleuh for taking 4th place in the event!

Dakine Polish Skimboarding Open 2011 from BeachBreakers on Vimeo.

DB Skimboards Twelve Episode #9: The Up Flat Up Flat Session, The Bay Area Session

This Episode is a little late but super sick! The first section at Dumas features footage from last summer on the up flat up flat. The second section features the skimboarding talent of new DB team rider Sam Weeks. Richard Docter and Tim Mackey took a trip down to Nor/Central California a few weekends back and got to ride/film with sam for 2 days at a few different beaches. The waves weren't exactly perfect but Sam did his best to make the most of them! Be sure to check back in two weeks for Episode #10 which will feature scenes from this upcoming weekend's Chambers Creek Throwdown...

Episode Details:

1. The Up Flat Up Flat Session: This section features riding from Isaac Thomas, Tim Mackey, and Logan Davidson at Dumas Bay, WA.

2. The Bay Area Session features riding from Sam Weeks at Half Moon Bay and Montara, CA.

New Edit from NY

DB Skimboards team rider Matt Flood just sent over this fun Go Pro edit from NY. Matt did a great job with the editing on this one so make sure to check it out!

NWST VIDEO: Island Skim Jam

Check out the newest video from the Northwest Skim Tour featuring riding from the 1st stop on the tour the "Island Skim Jam." The video features riders from all over the Vancouver Island, BC, and WA State. Keep an eye out for DB Team Riders: Isaac Thomas, Emile Panerio, Logan Davidson, Jason Rodjanapanyakul, and Andrew cook, they killllllled it!

Virgin River Classic 2011 Video

DB team Rider Addison Foote just sent over a fresh video from the 2011 Virgin River Classic in St. George Utah. DB team riders Addison Foote, Emile Panerio, Lexi Hutchings, and Jason Rodjanapanyakul were all in town for the comp and had a great time competing and filming.

Our friends over at just posted the results:

Men’s Open Results
1. Emile Panerio
2. Blake Zimmerman
3. Duran Bickmore
4. Jason Rodjanapanyakul

DB Skimboards Team Update

DB Skimboards team rider Shinji recently held a skimboard camp in Japan. He had a great turn out and introduced the sport to a ton of new skimboarders.

DB team rider Russ Tandy recently went out for a photo shoot with Photographer Chase Black, check out the results below.

Issue #2 of Flatland Magazine

If you haven't already read the new issue of Flatland Magazine make sure you do so. Issue #2 is packed with all kinds of great flatland content including articles, tutorials, and more. Be sure to be on the look out for DB's ad and numerous spreads of DB team riders from all over the globe.

DB Skimboards Twelve Episode #8: Dash Point Pro/Am 2011 Skimboarding Competition

Just got the 8th installment of Twelve online. This week's episode features scenes from the 2011 Dash Point Pro/Am. The comp had some sick riders and a ton of rad stuff went down. Check out the video above for the highlights of what we caught on tape. This weeks episode is a little short, we had our main editing hard drive die on us and it's still in the lab getting fixed. We should have the footy we lost back for Episode 9 in two weeks so stay tuned!

*Slider images courtesy of Equality Designs

D-List Magazine Photo's

Still recovering from the Dash Point Pro/Am? Here is another photo gallery, this time from D-List Magazine. Head over to D-LIST's Blog to see some awesome photo's from the event. The Washington State based magazine will be stopping by the shop later in the week to get more photo's for an upcoming article on DB. Make sure to poke around the back issues on the site, they have tons of great media and articles on everything from fashion to music.

Spaceplanks Now in Shipping!

If you've been waiting for a Spaceplank now is your chance! Spaceplanks are in stock in both Streamline and Proto sizes small and Medium. Head over to your local DB dealer or to pick one up. Don't forget to get some cut and stick SUPER CUSH foam to customize your plank, we've got 12 different colors so you can make your board totally unique!

New Video from Adrien Raza

A new skim video from team rider Adrien Raza.

Dash Point Pro/AM 2011 (results)

Last weekend marked the eigth (eighth) annual Dash Point Pro/Am. The couldn't have been better for the event at a warm 76 degree's. Competitors lined the beach starting at 10am and riding on through 3:00pm. At the end of the day the top riders were as follows:

1. Isaac Thomas
2. Blake Zimmerman
3. Emile Panerio
4. Trevor Stine
5. Tony Saddler

1. Jason Rodjanapanyakul
2. Arthur Murray
3. Josiah Thomas
4. Bryce Johnson

1. Seth Thomas
2. Oliver Parkman
3. Brody Atwood

1. Emi Klein
2. Alisha Nguyen
3. Rachel Collins

Check out the photo's below and head over to for the full write up and photo gallery. Big thanks to Matt Mcdonald for shooting the photo's and all the volunteer's and competitors for making it a great event!

Board Room Vancouver Display

If you are in the Vancouver BC area make sure to go check out the Board Room Snowboard Shop. The Board Room just put up a huge 10 window display featuring DB Skimboards team riders and logo's. The board room is located at:
1745 West 4th ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1M2, Canada
+1 604-734-7669

The Board room carries our full line of skimboards so if you are looking for a specific size shape and flex chances are they've got it! Take advantage of the warm weather this week if you are in BC and go shred Spanish while the tides are still low.


New team edits from Friedrich and Addison

Check out a brand new edit from Friedrich Fleuh our German team rider who recently took a trip to Barcelona and put on a demo.

Barcelona '11 from Fiete on Vimeo.

Addison sent over another quarky edit from St. George Utah. There some sweet tricks in this one and also a ton of personality!