Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nice Pop! Reviewed by Tydle Magazine: Pure flatland skim. the review

Kyle over at Tydle Mag was nice enough to throw up a movie review on Nice Pop!

See what he had to say at : and while your at it check out the new issue.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Waterplanks Tee now avialable

The Water Planks tee is now available in our online store. Check it out! It's on page 2 of the softgoods section which is a little tricky to navigate to at this point but we will get that sorted out soon.

We've got a couple sweatshirts in the works, so be on the look out for those in the near future.

Friday, April 24, 2009

DB Custom Skimboard Bulider! Design your skimboard, see it before you buy it!

There are literally millions, if not billions, of unique custom combinations that you can pick from on a custom DB skimboard. We developed this board builder to narrow down those combos and make it easier to get exactly what you want. With the new board builder you can see exactly what colors look good together, and what the sickest logo/color combo is going to be before you buy it.

The link to the board builder is available on our homepage at

After you launch the board builder Choose your shape, main foam color, logo, and logo colors.

When you get it all dialed in just how you like it, click the "buy now" button in the corner which will take you to the custom section of

From here pick either a flex deck or a standard deck. Then fill out all of the drop down options referencing the board builder to see exactly what colors you put where (make sure to double check!). (don't forget to fill out size and shape too!)

Then proceed to check out and your done!

We'll be posting pics of our favorite custom designs as they ship out and posting some of them on here so you can see the creative combos that other skimmers have ordered. Get something truly unique with a custom DB Skimboard. You don't want to be rocking the same board as everyone else at the beach. Get creative! Have fun!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Nice Pop Skimboard Premier Events: Facebook + Myspace

The Tacoma Premier has been added on the DB Skimboards Facebook Page, and Myspace Page.

If you aren't our friend or "fan" already, make sure to add us!

If you can make the event please let us know you are attending so we can get enough swag for everyone. Also feel free to spread the word by adding your friends to the invite list. Let's make this Premier EPIC!

We want to pack the house and get the stoke going through the roof. Help us make that happen.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Seattle Skimboarding Alki Beach, Spring yet?

It is really starting to feel like spring here in Seattle. With Temps reaching the lower 70's (much better than lower 40's) Richard, Bryce, and Tony took a trip out to Alki Beach on the west side of Seattle to get some skimming in.

The crew arrived to strong winds and a tide that was much higher than expected. Tony and Richard weren't down with the conditions but Bryce decided to give it a try.

Surprisingly enough the wind died, the sun came out, and the tide revealed a super fun spot with soft sand, and plenty of deadheads to ollie.

The crew had a really fun time riding both Standard Streamline Skimboards, and Standard Proto Skimboards.

The 09's are shipping out soon! Pre-order your's today!

Here are some links to the boards you are seeing in these photos:

Standard Streamline

Standard Proto

Custom board options coming by Friday! Get out and skim before the rain comes back!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Richard Gets Cornified!

I thought you everyone would enjoy this. Check our Richard bumping butt's with the gold unicorn. We just want to show Richard some love. He's been working hard keeping this company running. Cornify your friends at Peace

Movie Premier: Nice Pop! Tacoma! Skimboarding!

Nice Pop! Will have its "World Premier" at the Blue Mouse Theatre in Tacoma Washington on Friday May 1st 2009. The doors open at 7pm. Get there early for a good seat!

Entry is $8 and includes a free raffle ticket, and all the Red Bull you can drink. Wear a DB Tee and get in for $7!

There will be tons of product being tossed rather liberally all night. There will also be a FULLY LEGIT raffle with boards and gear form DB Skimboards, Northwest Snowboards, and Northwest Riders. Raffle tickets are a buck a piece and definitely get you a good chance at walking away with a new board for some fresh gear.

The entire DB crew will be there giving out stickers, signing some posters, and giving high fives all night. This film is RAD, and will get you stoked to go skim!

See you there! Tell your friends!

If you would like to help us promote this event contact to find out how you can help spread the word/get hooked up for helping out!

Friday, April 17, 2009


If you have been waiting for the 2009 boards to drop you are in luck. Pre order your board now at and get your board before everyone else.

Pre-orders are given top priority and will get their boards shipped out on May 8th! These boards are all SUPER sick, don't delay cause they will be going fast!

CUSTOM Board Options Coming Soon!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


The New Catalogs are in! You can check out the online version by clicking this link dbcatalog.

The catalog is also available in the all new downloads section at which features new wall papers, ipod formatted videos, posters and more. (The downloads can be accessed via a new link in the upper right hand corner of the homepage)

If you would like a printed version of the catalog ask you local DB dealer and they should be able to hook you up.

New downloads will be added to the downloads page very shortly, so stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

DB Skimboards Regional Shreds added to the website! Get Sponsored!

Web Site Update! Check out the "Regional Shreds" page at click team then regional shreds.

We've got Matt Flood holding it down solo on the regional team right now. He's going to need some com padres to join him!

If you are looking to get sponsored shoot tony our team manager an email to figure out how to make it happen. Email:

More Updates REALLY soon. Presale?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chambers Creek Thowdown Skimboarding Competition Video

Whoa! It took us a while to get this one online. Bryce went pretty nuts with the editing. The footage in this video is from last August at the DB Skimboards Second Annual Chambers Creek Throwdown. This one features a ton of Tacoma/UP local riders tearing it up. Enjoy!

If you are interested in coming to the THIRD ANNUAL CHAMBERS CREEK THROWDOWN make sure to mark you calendar for SATURDAY AUGUST 15TH 2009.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Isaac Thomas Photo Shoot in Bellingham: SKIM THAT DINO

Isaac Thomas, Richard Docter, and Tony Saddler went down to bellingham bay last weekend for a fun film/photo skim sesh. The crew shot a lot of images, and filmed for an upcoming promo for Isaacs new pro model.

The crew dug in a 8ft flat rail and busted some sick combos. Isaac landed some SICK combos throwing down every kind of bigspin and pretzel imaginable.

Keep a look out for the Promo video, and advertisement from the shoot. Both have some pretty insane skimming!