Sunday, June 22, 2008

5th Annual DB Skim Comp (preview)

So the event was really good this year. Really good. That is why there will be an extensive blog post and write up as well as a Foreverskim article on the event. However this is just a preview!

We are headed on a road trip with Northwest Riders to the White rock/Vancouver area this week (sunday-thursday). We will be skimming eastbeach, spanish banks, and a bunch of spots around the area. Come skim this week if you are in the area and hopefully we will see you there!

Anyway...we'll have a great blog post when we return.

Pro Results:

1st: Isaac Thomas

2nd: John Minns

3rd: Richard Docter

4th: Yuri Chofour

Congrats to all the competitors, Ams really raised the bar, Pros through down some unbelievable tricks. But we'll get into that on Thursday with the full post on the event!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dash Point Pro/Am Contest This Saturday!

Hope you all are going stoked for the competition this Saturday. We have lots of sponsors and lots of stuff to give away. The competition starts at 11:30am and should finish around 4-5pm. Women and U-16 start at 11:30am. The Pro and Am men should start around 1pm. Below is a tentative schedule for the day. Be sure to get your raffle tickets (there is lots of good stuff to win). Look out for a super radical snowboard, I mean skimboard ramp (this thing took us 3 days to build). You will not want to miss this event. It's going to be off the heezy for sheezy.

Competition Schedule 08’

U-16 and Women – Check in with judges at stream at 11:15

U-16 - Flatland (start)
11:30 (group 1)
11:40 (group 2)

Women – Flatland (start)

U-16 – Built features
12:00 (group 1)
12:10 (group 2)

Women – Built features

U-16 – Finals

Women - Finals

Am and Pro Men – Check in with judges at stream at 12:50 or 10 minutes after women’s final.

Am – Flatland (start)
1:00 (group 1)
1:10 (group 2)

Pro - Flatland
1:20 (group 1)
1:30 (group 2)

Am – Built feature 1
1:45 (group 1)
1:55 (group 2)

Pro – Built feature 1
2:05 (group 1)
2:15 (group 2)

Am – Built feature 2
2:35 (group 1)
2:45 (group 2)

Pro - Built feature 2
2:55 (group 1)
3:05 (group 2)

Am – Finals

Pro – Finals

Awards- 4:00 pm or when competition is over.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Featured Riders

Matt (New York)

Arick (New York)

Logan (Dash Point)

Thanks for the emails guys! Pictured above are Matt, Arick, and Logan ripping on T3's. Also Check out a short video featuring Matt and Arick at their spot in NY

thanks for the great pics, and footage guys!

PS: (we've got a new board in the works (possibly the t4?), you might see it at the dash point comp, balsa's will be out soon too!)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

DB Skimboards Urban Skim Jam

As promised, here is the teaser from our urban skim jam with northwest riders and grizzly sports. Keep your eyes peeled for some of the tech variations and one foot combos. The team killed it and took some hard hits on the concreted bed of the skim pool. Props to Tony Saddler for the sick riding and Sick Edit!


Saturday, June 7, 2008

Bellingham Premiere Packs Out!

Skimmers in Bellingham Love DB! Sorry if you didn't get a seat, hopefully you got some pizza or a t-shirt or maybe even a board to make up for it! Anyway. The premiere turned out great, thanks to the outdoor center for helping set the whole deal up, lakeside skim crew for the local flavor, South American Snowboard Sessions, WesJ clothing, and everyone who showed us support!

The crew had a nice session in bellingham bay the next morning but we failed to get any shots! Sorry! Anyway, super fun sesh, Isaac landed 360 shuv to one foot big spin out, damn! that shizz is hot son! Doin Work! We also did some gnarly log grinds and pole jams. Played a bit of skim which included lots of gnarly knot grinds and crazy variations. Very fun.

COMP IS IN TWO WEEKS. We are building up a storm. BE THERE!


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Bellingham Premiere this Friday!

This Friday on Western Washington's campus in the VU (viking union). We've got a hefty budget for the event and we're going to spend it!!! Expect free food, beverages, stickies, temp tats, product tosses and BOARD RAFFLES! The best's all free.

Oh yeah, we're also premiering FOR THE MOMENT! Double RAD!!!!

We're stoked, check us out Friday morning in red square for fee Popsicles and a nice chat, yadadamean?