Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Nice Pop DB Skimboarding teaser from DB Skimboards on Vimeo.

The wait is over! Nice Pop is now available for sale at: www.shopdbskimboards.com pick you copy up soon because we are offering FREE SHIPPING for a very limited time.

Video Premiere Dates:

Tacoma: Blue Mouse Theatre, May 1st, Doors @7:00pm.

Bellingham: WWU Artzen Hall, May 15th, Doors @7:00pm.

Vancouver BC: TBA

Feel free to embed either the teaser on your profile! Show your support! Stay Rad!

Video Description:

The DB Skimboards team, construction cones, log jibs, and a gigantic PVC covered whale tale. NICE POP! features all this and more! Follow the DB team across the US and Canada as they find new obstacles to slide, new tidepools, new streams, and new coastlines in search of great skim, an NICE POP! Take a look at this unique video featuring the newest tricks, and some of the best flatland skimboarders in the world. That’s not all! This DVD is packed with extras including short documentaries, competition features, and additional sections for every rider! Get Stoked!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Stream Monster" and "Quadrant" Tee's Available Now!

We print all of our t-shirts in house and we've got two more designs completed and available for purchase! We got rid of the back print on the "monster tee" because it caused SBS (sweaty back syndrome,not fun). Get your hands on these two tee's while they are hot! They were both printed in limited numbers so snatch them up quick so you can get the right size!

Buy them Here: www.shopdbskimboards.com

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Skimboards in Australia

We have boards for sale through Will Good in Melbourne, Australia. If you are reading this from down under, be sure and snatch up a board while you can. Shoot an email to Will at
for details on pricing in AUD and board availabilty. Also, he has shirts, DVD's, and stickers, so he can set you up with a sweet package if you get a board, or you can hit him up for a copy of For the Moment and a shirt.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hitting up Chambers

Warm weather has been starting to set in here and there for most areas, but it's been chilly and wet the last few weeks in Washington. Not much sunshine in sight for the near future but we were able to sneak a session in yesterday, super fun. I'm sure the sun is on it's way and and when it gets here we are going to be ready.

Here's a couple shots of Logan and Emile, and yes, Emile is wearing a facemask.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Skim Spot Check #3: Bellingham Bay WA

This is Bellingham Bay. This skim spot has been home to many DB film sessions in the past and is currently Tony and Isaac's local spot. Unlike like most skim spots such as Chambers Creek or Dash Point, Bellingham Bay is not a public park or really has any public access to it. The picture shown above indicates two general areas that you are able to access the bay, but a word of caution goes out to anyone that does. There isn't a designated parking area for the public so be sure to keep the neighbors in mind when parking. Also, please be respectful of the environment, as it is a privilege to have such an awesome spot to skim (i.e. don't drive in going 35mph, blasting your music).

Now that has been said, Bellingham offers hundreds of tide pools which on a good day will provide you and your friends with the skim experience to remember. Be sure to check the tides before going out (anything under positive 6 is good). The beach also offers a good amount of drift that can be turned into a skimboarder's playground, when taken advantage of.

Last but not least, if you are in the area and would like to have some buddies to skim with contact Isaac (isaac@dbskimboards.com) or Tony (tony@dbskimboards.com).

Team Videos on You tube.

Just uploaded Richard and Bryce's skimboarding mini movie's on to our you tube account, check them out, share them, leave a comment!

We will be posting more video parts soon, along with the new chambers creek throwdown teaser, and some other media. We'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

DB Skimboards 2009 Website Officially Launched!

Whoa! We got the new site up!

Whats new:

-2009 Skimboards (not for sale yet, but will be in your local retailer and online soon!)

-2009 Softgoods (available for sale online at the end of the month)

-2009 DVD: Nice Pop teaser is up! (DVD for sale at the end of the month)

-New Rider Videos!!! RAD.

-MUCH MUCH MORE! See for yourself:



More Content Coming Soon:

-Chambers Creek Throwdown video

-Myspace, Facebook, Vimeo, and Twitter updates