Friday, June 22, 2007

4th Annual Skim Comp Results

Pro Division

1st John Minns (Kayotics)
2nd Yuri Choufur (Kayotics, Hurley, Von Zipper)
3rd Isaac Thomas (DB Skimboards)
4th Nick Pochereva (Breaknecks, Kayotics)
5th Richard Docter (DB Skimboards)

Open Division

1st Kiel Wright
2nd Spencer Rake-Marona (DB Skimboards)
3rd Tony Saddler
4th Gavin Salee (Sound Side Skimboards)
5th Matt Norbut

U-16 Division

1st Emile Panerio
2nd Max Redburn (Team America)
3rd Ludomir Wanot

Girls Division

1st Jessica Avery
2nd Marrisa Huff (South Side Skimboards)
3rd Rachel Bellamy

Another article in the paper that includes a few pictures and a short write up about how the event went. You can check it out online at the link above or look in this weeks Tacoma Weekly paper.

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