Monday, August 13, 2007

DBS Big Weekend (post)

The team had a big weekend. Friday we started the adventure off wake skimming/surfing with greg from Northwest Riders ( ) on lake Washington. The sun managed to come out by the afternoon and we snuck in some runs before the afternoon glass dissappeared. The team spent the rest of the day testing the new longboards on the smooth asphalt of Bellingham. Saturday the team participated in the Inversion Snow-n-Skate skim demo in Birch Bay, WA. The demo was a bit chilly but everyone had a good time, and some gnarly tricks went down. Sunday was our first annual DB Chambers Creek Throwdown which was a huge success. Although it wasn't 80 degrees, the local chambers creek riders really stepped up at the comp showing off what chambers has to offer. The results are as follows:

Open Men:

1st: Issac Thomas
2nd: Bryce Hermansen/Mike Stelz
3rd: Jesse Quiocho
4th: Tony Sadler
5th: Tim Mackey


1st: Emile Panerio
2nd: Darrin Hamphrey
3rd: Josiah Thomas
4th: Oneil Kwangwanh
5th: Max Redburn


1st: Ashleigh Cox
2nd: Ashley Westerdahl

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