Thursday, May 22, 2008

DB Urban Skimboard Jam

Wow. Urban jam was super fun! The DB team had a super steezy time last sunday in mill creek. The pool set up was super fun and the mellow box made for an uber progressive session. Three shuvs in to three shuve out, shuv to one foot in one foot shuv out, sex change to fronside bigspin out, big spin in big spin out, body varial in to big spin out, there were so many ins and outs it would make your head spin!

Stoked! Lots of fun, we filmed it took so there will definitely be some footy on the way. Thanks alot to the boys at northwest riders and grizzly sports for all the help!
Enjoy the pics! (yes that is a double-cush balsa board richard is riding, yes you will be able to get one for yourself soon, no we don't know exactly when, but soon!

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Logan said...

that looks pretty legit