Monday, August 4, 2008

Howarth Park Rail Jam

Saturday the DB Skimboards team went down to Howarth Park in Everett Washington to check out the LSS rail jam. The LSS guys did a great job setting up the event and some fun rails to hit. Everett locals really blew us away, we had no idea people were ripping that hard up north! Great to see it.

Blake from DB walked away with best trick with a pop shuv over the flat of the battle ship clearing all the way to the down. Congrats Blake you killed it!

Thanks again to all the LSS guys for throwing such a fun event, and to the everett locals for sharing the beach!

PS: We promised an 08 clothing line in's now august...we've been busy but we're getting our act together. We'll try and get it out soon! More posts to come, the team is planning a few road trips up north and also down south... we'll let you know.


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sKimMiN4LyfE said...

Blake skimz in a beanie and likes weenie