Monday, September 1, 2008

Skim Fest 08

The DB Skimboards Crew loaded up the can again last week and drove the 12 hours to Sacramento for Skim Fest 2008. We sessioned a few skateparks along the way and got to Sac on Friday. Skimmed that evening and then hit the comp up on Saturday. Temps were in the mid 90's and Sactos best were out in full force with some really sick rails. The finals went down as the sun was setting on the river as all of the riders threw down their best tricks. At the end of the day Isaac walked away with 2nd, Blake with 4th and Richard in 5th. Props to Lon and the Sacto crew for the great skim comp.

**As promised (3 months ago) our clothing line will be out in the next week. If you look close in the pics you can see the new "DB collage tee" (jade shirt, with black and white DB logo).

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