Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Nice Pop Update #1

Still in the editing stages of "Nice Pop" but a few sections have been put together and are looking sick!

We are going for a completely different feel than our 2008 release "For the Moment." This video has a lot more bangers, 5-shuvs to the max, bigerspins out, and crazy log jibs!

If you want to help contribute to the video, post some music suggestions in the comments and you never know...if we like what we hear you could see your suggestion used in the video.

Also, we've added a few applications to the blog.

Feedjit: Shows where visitors are viewing from, if you've never commented please do, we'd love to hear from you!

Followers: This app shows who follows the blog, don't be shy, plus we are contemplating Random product giveaways to blog followers so it could pay off in the long run!

Anyway, post your comments, suggestions, what you would like to see in the future, and anything else that is on your mind in the comments of our posts. We read every one!

More updates to come.


Pure Skim said...

stoked to see Nice Pop be released!! the nice pop shirt is sick to.

NWskim said...

MGMT- Kids


Band of Horses- The Funeral

would be sick songs if you edited around it and stuff...

dbskimboards said...

Pure Skim: Glad you like the shirts, we are stoked for the release too!!

NWSkim: Really nice song choices. Some of my personal favorites. Unfortunately a few other videos beat us to the punch!

Band of Horses (the Funeral): Guy Mariano's part in Lakai Fully Flaired (skate video)

MGMT (Kids): That's It that's all, Jackson hole section.

Both of these parts are rad! Check them out...

Any other ideas?

Anonymous said...

song from under the floorboards

dilated people-
back again, live on stage

embrace, wild strawberies, baby