Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Stream Monster" and "Quadrant" Tee's Available Now!

We print all of our t-shirts in house and we've got two more designs completed and available for purchase! We got rid of the back print on the "monster tee" because it caused SBS (sweaty back syndrome,not fun). Get your hands on these two tee's while they are hot! They were both printed in limited numbers so snatch them up quick so you can get the right size!

Buy them Here: www.shopdbskimboards.com


Will Good said...

these tee's are so HOTT you're gonna get SBS with or without the back print!

Rachrach said...

yeah i think i'm gonna have to get that monster T soon. Very spiffy. will you guys print it with the back print on request??

DB said...

We may do a very limited run, however i gotta warn you, SBS is a very serious condition