Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Seattle Skimboarding Alki Beach, Spring yet?

It is really starting to feel like spring here in Seattle. With Temps reaching the lower 70's (much better than lower 40's) Richard, Bryce, and Tony took a trip out to Alki Beach on the west side of Seattle to get some skimming in.

The crew arrived to strong winds and a tide that was much higher than expected. Tony and Richard weren't down with the conditions but Bryce decided to give it a try.

Surprisingly enough the wind died, the sun came out, and the tide revealed a super fun spot with soft sand, and plenty of deadheads to ollie.

The crew had a really fun time riding both Standard Streamline Skimboards, and Standard Proto Skimboards.

The 09's are shipping out soon! Pre-order your's today!

Here are some links to the boards you are seeing in these photos:

Standard Streamline

Standard Proto

Custom board options coming by Friday! Get out and skim before the rain comes back!


Ruei said...

what's the different between flex and standard?

dbskimboards said...

The flex is a lighter board and is more flexible. This makes it easier to pop, and gives you more control on the water. This board also flattens out more on the water making it a little faster than the standard.

The standard is stiffer and heavier which makes it more solid on rails, and makes the board more stable in the air/on landings. It's going to be easier to keep this board flat when popping out of the water, and it's going to be easier to stabilize on rails and boxes/stick big airs.

Both are great boards! Just depends on your personal preference and what kinds of riding you do.

lets_chill_bro87 said...

I got a nice board that I got from purto rico, but its ment for ocean stomping grounds...

here in cypress,tx we got a really nice creek that runs through and alot kids skim.

so I've become moving to the inland skim,

im debating over the Standard Proto and was wondering if you could tell me anything about it vs. the Stramline,... im looking for a board that can spin real nice and one for 360 shuvs

lets_chill_bro87 said...
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lets_chill_bro87 said...

check out my buds, one is sponsored by Kayotics