Wednesday, June 3, 2009

DB Urban Skim Jam 2009 (recap)

Tony Saddler on his flex proto

Emile Panerio with da monsta on a fully custom thomas pro

Isaac Thomas...lunch break

Blake Zimmerman getting tech on his streamplank

Isaac with his pro model Emile scoping out the view of the cascade mountain range

So the event was a bit under promoted... But we had a great time and the Pool turned out really sick. The location was ideal and provided enough space and level terrain for a fully shreddable set up.

The pool took about 2 hours to set up and the team got a good 4 hour sesh before we had to tear things down. The consistent conditions (and soft carpeting to fall upon) gave riders the opportunity throw down some RIDICULOUS tricks. 360 shuvs in and out, true big spins, 540 shuvs out, one foot was impressive.

With views of a historical landmark (stadium high school), commencement bay, the cascade mountains and some good friends there wasn't a better place to be on a 80 degree Saturday.

Check the photos...Mini Movie is in the works, possibly in reserve for DVD extras but we might drop it on youtube if the demand is there...


Anonymous said...

demand is there because i said so

makaha_skimjaw said...

u guys should come down to downtown seattle and do this?