Saturday, August 8, 2009

Whidbey Island Skimboarding, Double Bluff Film Sesh

DB Skimboards Team riders Richard Docter, Bryce Hermansen, Tim Mackey, Isaac Thomas, Emile Panerio, and Blake Zimmerman headed out to whidbey island for a two day film sesh last Thursday and Friday.

Although the weather was a bit on the chilly side (60 degree's) the team had two very productive days of filming.

Double Bluff beach has a ton of drift wood/random stuff lying around that find their way into the tide pools and make for some really sick jibs/slashable objects.

Bryce brought his truck with an old up flat that we sawed the legs off (in the parking lot) and turned into a mellow ollie on. It was a pretty sick feature, some sick tricks went down and some equally gnarly bails.

Blake got really tech on his favorite feature (flat box....). He charged all weekend despite injuries/body slams into pvc, sand, and cement (at the skate park).

At the end of the session we set up a 4ft (maybe 5ft?) log jam. Expect to see some sick shots from this film sesh in our next video...yet to be named...but coming along very nicely.

Thanks to all the Whidbey Island locals for the hospitality and help. Hope to be back to Double Bluff soon.

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