Friday, February 26, 2010

Keep up with Team Riders

Hey there dudes and dudets,

Isaac here, with a quick announcement. If you love DB (and if you are reading this I know you do), keep up with some of your favorite team riders such as Tony Saddler, Bryce Hermansen, Emile Panerio, oh and myself :), by checking out Skateboard and snowboard edits, skimboard adventures, funny photos, trips, and general happenings are what you can find here. Well, that's all folks, but in the mean time keep those fingers crossed for some low tides and sunny skies.

Your Friend,
Isaac Thomas

1 comment:

bananapancake said...

Dear db skimboard team you guys are really cool and someday i hope that i can be as good as you and can shred it up with you
love your #1 fan from minnesota