Wednesday, March 17, 2010

First Dash Point Skim Session, 2010 Website goes live this week

Logan and Riley test the spring snow run off at Dash Point State Park


Logan going for an early season double grab

Logan doing his thing.......switch

60 Degrees and sunshine = perfect weather for spring time in the Northwest. Richard caught up with Logan and Riley at Dash Point for a quick afternoon session on Monday. The weather felt really warm and the water on the coastline was really nice. Logan threw down some pretty insane tricks including various 3-shuv's and bigspins....switch. He also threw down a no-comply 5-shuv! Look out for Logan this season he has been riding all winter and is ready to go.

In other news our 2010 website is going to drop sometime between Friday and Sunday. The website will include new media, products, and lots more!