Monday, May 24, 2010

BIYD WWU Premiere goes off

Last Friday DB Skimboards Premiered BIYD (believe in your dreams) for free on WWU's campus. The show packed the house with around 300 people turning out for the event. Guests were treated with free food, free screening of the video, and a rad raffle! Congrats to the local B-Hammers that walked away with skates and skims.

The night was filled with skim stoke, exciting games of skill, and an overall good vibe. Make sure to show your love to everyone who made it possible, so make sure to head into the WWU outdoor center and say Thanks! Then head down to WWS and pick up a DB skimboard, then go online and tell everyone about your last sesh at locust on!

If you missed out on this premiere, make sure to check out the Tacoma Premiere happening June 24th at the Blue Mouse Theatre! For more photo's from bellingham check out Matt Mcdonald's (skimboard culture's) FB page

Heading into the event.

Checking out the new DB tee's. Pick yours up at


Maybe the most epic game of penny toss....ever.

New skims and skates! + Sunset! Get DB skims here. Get DB longboards here.

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