Monday, August 8, 2011

Dash Point Pro/AM 2011 (results)

Last weekend marked the eigth (eighth) annual Dash Point Pro/Am. The couldn't have been better for the event at a warm 76 degree's. Competitors lined the beach starting at 10am and riding on through 3:00pm. At the end of the day the top riders were as follows:

1. Isaac Thomas
2. Blake Zimmerman
3. Emile Panerio
4. Trevor Stine
5. Tony Saddler

1. Jason Rodjanapanyakul
2. Arthur Murray
3. Josiah Thomas
4. Bryce Johnson

1. Seth Thomas
2. Oliver Parkman
3. Brody Atwood

1. Emi Klein
2. Alisha Nguyen
3. Rachel Collins

Check out the photo's below and head over to for the full write up and photo gallery. Big thanks to Matt Mcdonald for shooting the photo's and all the volunteer's and competitors for making it a great event!

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