Sunday, June 22, 2008

5th Annual DB Skim Comp (preview)

So the event was really good this year. Really good. That is why there will be an extensive blog post and write up as well as a Foreverskim article on the event. However this is just a preview!

We are headed on a road trip with Northwest Riders to the White rock/Vancouver area this week (sunday-thursday). We will be skimming eastbeach, spanish banks, and a bunch of spots around the area. Come skim this week if you are in the area and hopefully we will see you there!

Anyway...we'll have a great blog post when we return.

Pro Results:

1st: Isaac Thomas

2nd: John Minns

3rd: Richard Docter

4th: Yuri Chofour

Congrats to all the competitors, Ams really raised the bar, Pros through down some unbelievable tricks. But we'll get into that on Thursday with the full post on the event!

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