Saturday, June 7, 2008

Bellingham Premiere Packs Out!

Skimmers in Bellingham Love DB! Sorry if you didn't get a seat, hopefully you got some pizza or a t-shirt or maybe even a board to make up for it! Anyway. The premiere turned out great, thanks to the outdoor center for helping set the whole deal up, lakeside skim crew for the local flavor, South American Snowboard Sessions, WesJ clothing, and everyone who showed us support!

The crew had a nice session in bellingham bay the next morning but we failed to get any shots! Sorry! Anyway, super fun sesh, Isaac landed 360 shuv to one foot big spin out, damn! that shizz is hot son! Doin Work! We also did some gnarly log grinds and pole jams. Played a bit of skim which included lots of gnarly knot grinds and crazy variations. Very fun.

COMP IS IN TWO WEEKS. We are building up a storm. BE THERE!


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