Thursday, July 3, 2008

Skim Comp POST! (partial)

5th Annual DB Skimboards Competition
Competition Results

Pro Division
1st- Isaac Thomas (DB Skimboards)
2nd- John Minns
3rd- Richard Docter (DB Skimboards)
4th- Yuri Choufour

U-16 Division
1st- Josiah Thomas (DB Skimboards)
2nd- Ludamir Wanot
3rd- David Fison

Girls Division
1st- Lexi Hutchings
2nd- Jessica Avery (DB Skimboards)
3rd- Kira Byers

Amateur Division
1st- Blake Zimmerman (DB Skimboards)
2nd- Dakota Adams
3rd- Arthur Murray

We've been SUPER busy. Just got back from Van City, had a blast, spanish banks is legit! MORE PICS AND A WRITE UP COMING SOON! Sorry for the lack luster post, hopefully this will suffice for the mean time!

Posts to come: new team riders, BC shots, Utah shots, and more!

see you at the beach, laterz.

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