Wednesday, September 23, 2009

DB Team Skimboarding, Filming, Chilling Hard

Isaac Thomas losing his head a bit in a B/S 180 over the A-frame

Tony Saddler, still in good health

Emile Panerio, True bigspin?

Logan Davidson, Barely making it.

Richard Docter, filming with the ghetto tech DB crane system

The DB Skimboards team has been filming a ton lately. WA has had a warm September and we have been taking full advantage of it getting sessions in at Chambers, Dumas Bay, White Rock and more. The boys have been destroying features and there bodies. Tony (aka tone diesl) got taken out for a while with a shin/knee explosion with the front of our A-frame (aka baby frame). Bryce is still feeling his bruised ribs from skimfest but is still charging. Isaac's got some gnarly scrapes from the shells at Dumas. Emile, Logan, Blake, and Richard are all doing all right though!

Look out for some truly miraculous tricks in our upcoming (not yet titled movie). We've logged more film hours this summer than ever before, so it should be one heck of a flick!

In other news, about half the DB team just moved up to Bellingham WA to attend WWU and surrounding schools. If you are a B-ham local or live near there (whiterock, van) get in contact with one of them and go shred before summers over (i guess it is already technically, but it's going to be 85 degrees today!).

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