Thursday, September 3, 2009

Skim Fest Weekend Photo blow out.

We left Friday Morning for the 13th Annual Skimfest Competition in Sacramento. Packing the van with 6 guys, and with 3 more to meet us down there, we were rolling with a full crew. Here's some photo documention of the trip.

Day 1 included driving, stopping at the burnside skatepark to take in some skate park history and stretch the legs, lots more driving, other skate parks here and there, and ended with a sweet barbeque at Trevor's. Big thanks to Trevor, Dallas, and Trevor's family. Trevor Thompson and Dallas Kingsbury are regional Shreds on the team and were shredding the Sac region hard all weekend.
Day 2 included lots of chilling, sharpie mustaches, ollie shifty's, no comply shuvs on, shuv to front boards, big shuv combos on the dog house box, and much more. Trevor Thompson and Dallas Kingsbury

Emile 1st, $500 bones, trophy, and braging rights, Isaac 3rd Place, $100, and stoked for Emile

Day 3 the team met hit up Yuba City on the way out. Not wanting to leave, we ended up seshing about every combo of boxes out there and got some sweet footy. I didn't want to give anything away but Tony and Blake were killing it after a game of S-K-I-M that wouldn't end. About half way through the day the Sac crew showed up with some of the Tydle Mag guys and the skimming and fun times persisted before the 12 hour trek back home.

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