Monday, January 4, 2010

Isaac Thomas BIYD part done (almost)

Too much footy!

Corrugated Pipe gap at chambers.

Isaac slashing in white rock.

Isaac getting some shots in Bellingham

Isaac with some serious pop in White Rock.

Isaac Thomas and Richard Docter worked quite a bit on his part over the holidays. The boys narrowed down Isaac's astounding 35 min of raw tricks down to 6min....and got the skeleton of the edit in place. All that's left now are the finishing touches.

Isaac skimmed, filmed, and was filmed a TON last summer. Like always Isaac's part is carefully planned, very technical, and always raising the bar. This year Isaac got out of hand with huge gaps, tech rail combo's, and bangers that you have to see to believe. Check him out in BIYD when it drops this spring...until then, check out a few B-Stock but still blog worthy Photo's.

Oh yeah. Buy Isaac's board while you are at it