Friday, January 15, 2010

New Poll, Help us pick a new comp location

DB would like to introduce a new competition next summer. Starting a new event takes a lot of planning, support from local crews, support from local parks/communities. Show your support by helping us decide what location would be best for a new comp.

If one of the locations listed is your home beach, leave a comment on this post saying why we SHOULD host a comp their, or why we should NOT.

If your home beach is not listed, leave a comment letting us know where you skim and why your location should be added to the list.

Thanks for helping out! These comps are put on for your benefit so get involved!


Matt said...


L-diggidy doop doggy fow-sho said...

is this in addition to the chambers creek throwdown or a replacement. You can't take away chambers.

dbskimboards said...

This would be in addition to the Chambers Creek throwdown. However there has been some discussion about changing the format of that competition into a jam format instead of a heat format. More of an all day best trick sort of thing.

SkimboardCulture said...

Birch Bay because of the beach setup and wide open space. There are tide pools for days. Permits should be easier to obtain than Everett. Also, Birch Bay is closer to BC, so the Canadian skimmers don't have to go as far. There may be more support and sponsorship opportunities from the local community than other ares also.

pbrack said...

Salt Creek, Port Angeles... great flat ground area where the river meets the ocean extends forever, great places for vendors and spectators as well. Would be good for the local skim scene in my opinion better than Chambers

dbskimboards said...

I've never skimmed Port Angeles. I'd like to check it out. pbrack, can you send me an email so I can get a little more info on Salt Creek?


Also, looks like Double Bluff is starting to pull out in front!