Wednesday, April 20, 2011

DB Skimboards Twelve: Episode #3 Now Online!

It was a struggle getting this episode online for a multitude of reasons but it's finally up!

This episode features 3 unique segments:

1. The Kicker Session Filmed in Dumas Bay, WA. Featuring Richard Docter, Isaac Thomas and Bryce Hermansen.

2. The Breakdown: B/S Big Spin with Logan Davidson

3. The Parksville Session filmed in Parksville BC. Featuring Richard Docter and Isaac Thomas.

Make sure to get those spot finder submissions in and leave some comments on the youtube page!

TEXAS UPDATE: Don't forget the Skim2Live event is going on this Saturday in Cypress Texas. Isaac Thomas, Emile Panerio, and Tony Saddler will all be in attendance!

SKIMBOARDS UPDATE: We're pretty bogged down with orders at the moment so if you are having to wait for your board a little longer than usual we apologize. If you are planning on ordering get it in quick to save your spot in line! Be sure to check with your local DB dealer before placing online orders, our dealers stock the vast majority of our line up and can save you some dough on shipping. If you'd like to find a dealer near you place email:

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