Thursday, April 28, 2011

SKIM2LIVE Comp (Video)

Kirby Clarke just sent over an awesome edit from the SKIM2LIVE skimboard event in Cypress Texas. Check out DB skimboards team riders shreddin' it on some sweet boxes and jumps! It looks like Kirby was shooting with an SLR as well as a go pro which shines through in the edit which has a wide variety of angles and perspectives. Nice work Kirby! Good stuff!

skim2live from Kirby Clarke on Vimeo.


Admin said...

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The board used is considerably more compact than a common surfboard. Compared with a surfboard which is generally taller than 6 ft, a skimboard reaches chest excessive when stood on finish. An alternative difference is the absence of a skeg. The skeg is the fin at the bottom of a surfboard that offers the surfer manage about path. The board even comes in a wide range of shapes and styles. The 1st skimboards ended up circular and created of wood. Today's boards are often designed from carbon fiber or fiberglass. The form of the board is no lengthier a circle and can be swallow tail, hyperbolic, pin tail, and a couple of other shapes.

relentlessknight said...

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