Tuesday, June 21, 2011

DB Skimboards Twelve: Episode #7: The Alki Session, How to Build a Skimboard Box, etc

Wow. This episode took a long time to make! But it's sick! This episodes got great riding from skimboarders all over the NW. It's also got a video tutorial and plans to a great flatbox rail building guide: http://www.dbskimboards.com/download/boxbuilder.pdf Go check out the video and build your very own flat box. Watch the other two sessions to get stoked while you are at it.

DB Skimboards presents "Twelve." A 12-part skimboarding web series featuring the DB Skimboards team footage for 2010, event footage, instructional videos, day in the life mini documentaries, trick tips and more! Featuring Isaac Thomas, Emile Panerio, Richard Docter, Blake Zimmerman, Lexi Hutchings, Logan Davidson, Bryce Hermansen, Tim Mackey and more! Check out more videos, skimboards, apparel and accessories at: www.dbskimboards.com

This episode features 3 unique segments:

1. The Alki Session Featuring: Isaac Thomas, Richard Docter, Logan Davidson, Tim Mackey, Cedar Coba, Jason Rodjanapanyakul, Trevor Stine, Riley Goldberg and Andrew Moon at Alki Beach, Seattle WA.

2. How to Build a Flat Box with Tim Mackey. Detailed instructions on how to build an 8ft flat skimboard box.

3. Kicker to Flat Session Featuring: Tim Mackey, Isaac thomas, and Emile Panerio at Dash Point State Park, Federal way WA.

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