Friday, June 10, 2011

New DB Skimboards team edits

New video from DB team riders Dallas Kingsbury and Adam Balaam riding at Banister Park in Sacramento, CA.

New video from DB team rider Ruei Chiu skimming

PRE SUMMER SESSION from 0o0o0opz on Vimeo.


Admin said...

Skimboarding started as a way to ride off the wet sand into the ocean, starting back about 15 to 25 feet on the beach a rider would get a running start and drop the board onto the wet sand and then jump on riding it into deeper water. The sport advanced just like any other sport in board design and tricks based on the design and materials the board was made of. skimboard

heena said...

For many who should not actually acquainted with this sport, skimboarding is completed on a baseboard which appears to be like quite a bit like an everyday surfboard. The only difference right here is that a skimboards is smaller that the surfboard as a result of it's simpler to glide on the water. This sport is often known as skimming the place the skimmer stands on the board and slides on the surface of the water. Most ideally, the water must be shallow. You could find shallow water to skim when the surf is low and is nearer to the sand. If you occur to take a look at somebody skimboarding, one can find that the method is just like that of surfing.