Monday, May 18, 2009

B-Ham Premier, wrap up + Photo contest

Bellingham showed DB a lot of love last Friday. Thanks to everyone who came, and sorry for everyone who didn't get a seat, we'll get a bigger room next time!

The premier was rad, hooping contest for a board.....brought out B-hams finest in an epic contest that will go down in WWU history.

Thanks for the great energy and support, hope everyone had fun!

Check out the pictures from the event on facebook

If you are looking buy a DB skimboard in Bellingham be sure to head down to Innate Snow and Skate, they are on Cornwall St Downtown. They have a couple boards in stock now and will be carrying the full line in the near future.


Here is how it's going down. We selected our favorite stream monster photos from the premiere and compiled them into the image below. Each picture has been given a letter to represent it. We will compile votes via the poll on the blog. This can be found on the right side near the top of the page. Please only vote once but be sure to tell your friends to vote. In the event of a tie, we will refer to comments on facebook, blogger, and myspace about the photos to determine a winner. Also, make sure to post a comment on why you like the photo you voted for. The "most creative" picture that receives the most votes will win.

We will announce the winner later this week. If your picture wins, shoot an email with your address(s) and we'll get your prize packs sent out! Good Luck!

Make sure to vote! (click the photo to view it at full size)

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