Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spanish Banks, Skim Spot Check #4

Spanish Banks Beach Park is one of the best flatland skimboarding locations in the world. The combination of beautiful scenery, clay based sand, and tidepools make it an ideal place to skim.

We had the opportunity to skim there last June and although we caught it on a marginal tide the conditions were still amazing.

Water: Both tidal pools, and shorline skimming. This beach is dependent on the tide, when the tide is out the water pulls back and reveals hundred of skimable tide pools. The water is warm (depending on how sunny it is/time of year) and is salty/silty. If you get a mouthful of it you will figure this out pretty quick.

Sand: Clay based so it slides like butter. Great for bank rides. Makes long rides very easy, and makes it easier to ride away from your tricks. Pick a good pool and skim session it, the pools are naturally textured by the tide but will flatten out after a few runs. The sand is pretty clean but watch out for the occasional shell.

Surroundings: The tide pools offer a variety of conditions. Bigger deeper pools, narrow shallow pools, and lots of winding stream like pools. Here and there you can find some logs and natural jibs to set up. The scenery is really beautiful with the Vancouver Skyline and surrounding mountains you can't ask for much more. If you plan on bringing a rail make sure it is very portable, the good tidepools can be a medium/long walk from the parking lot.

Last words: Bring a BBQ and some dogs, spend a day here, it is an amazing beach. Go all out, you won't find more forgiving sand ANYWHERE. Ride with the locals because they know the best spots and are super rad. Don't forget ya hoops!

For directions plug this into google maps:

Spanish Bank Beach Park‎
4801 NW Marine Dr, Vancouver, BC V6T, Canada‎

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