Friday, May 1, 2009


Come down to the Blue Mouse Theater tonight (may 1st) and join us for the "world" premier of "NICE POP!" at 7pm.

The team will be out hanging out so make sure to say hello.

We've got loads of stickers, foam DB's, and POSTERS for everyone who comes.

We've got a huge raffle planned, and will have T-shirts and DVD's available for sale.

Tell a friend! We'll see you there!


lets_chill_bro87 said...

I got a nice board that I got from purto rico, but its ment for ocean stomping grounds...

here in cypress,tx we got a really nice creek that runs through and alot kids skim.

so I've become moving to the inland skim,

im debating over the Standard Proto and was wondering if you could tell me anything about it vs. the Stramline,... im looking for a board that can spin real nice and one for 360 shuvs

check out our lil creek in Tx

Matt said...

Hey Matt Flood here and I'd really suggest either of those two boards. They both are really amazing. The streamline is for a little bit deeper water but it's still nice on thin water. The proto has a faster swing rate rate in my opinion due to the shape. My proto is really nice on like ankle depth but I can tell it doesn't track as well in deeper stuff. Both are amazing on rails. Both pop really good too.

Matt said...

My Proto Shiz