Monday, July 20, 2009

Inland Skim Sessions Competition

This weekend, DB Team riders Blake, Emile, Logan, Tony and Richard made the long trip up to Vancouver Island for the Inland Skim Sessions competition at Saratoga Beach. The features were a bit sketchy and the competition a bit unorganized but our team made the best of it.

Here is a picture of Richard, the crowd, and the beautiful scenery.

This is a picture of Emile making the best of what he had to work with.

Here is another picture of Emile doing a big spin off a sketchy jump. Yes, the right pipe is no longer attached but Emile still charged it.

The tide came in during the finals and a sand castle provided another obstacle to pop over. Here is Logan doing a shuv mute over the sand castle.

Here is a picture of Blake doing a shuv-it over what's left of the sand castle.

Emile ended up in first place with Logan a very close second and Blake got fourth place. It was good to see some local shredders on the island that gave us a run for our money.

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