Thursday, July 16, 2009

Virgin River Classic, St. George Skimboarding Mega Post

So last Thursday DB Skimboards team riders Richard, Emile, Bryce and Blake set off for the 1500 mile drive to St. George Utah for the Virgin River Classic Skimboarding Competition. We took the long way cruising through the Wenatchee National Forest.

On the way we found a sweet spillway to skate that emptied into a river making an epic river jumping spot (see the pic of Blake one and a half).

Next stop was Coeur De'Alene Idaho where we met up with some skimmers and had a fun flatland/bungee session. After we lauched at warp speed up river (and eventually stretched the bungee so hard it broke!) we headed to the skate park for a fun session on the 5ft mini pipe.

We poached a campsite in Misoula Montana and slept on a tarp and dodged the rangers in the morning. Friday we drove all let's not talk about that. Friday night we met up with DB team rider Lexi Hutchings who let us crash at her place for the weekend. Thanks again Lexi! After peanutbutter and honey toast in the morning we trecked down to the river in the 100 + degree temperatures for the comp.

The comp was super fun. TJ for Adventure Plus, the Sandy Crack crew, and the VR Skimz crew built some sick features. The comp was well organized which made it less chaotic and a good time for everyone. At the end of the comp the top three spots were taken by DB riders:

1st Place: Logan Davidson
2nd Place: Emile Panerio
3rd Place: Blake Zimmerman

After the comp the crew took some of there winnings and gorged themselves on ribs and pizza (many a stomach ache resulted). After a quick rest the crew went back down to the river and seshed/filmed until the sun set. Some gnarly tricks went down including some nose blunts and other tricks/combos that I can't reveal until the next video comes out....

Lexi Hutchings at the water fall in St. George

Richard Docter...fakie 50/50

Blake kickflipping

Addison Foote on the Rollercoaster

Logan Davidson...popping through the roof.

Bryce at sunset

Sunday morning the crew filmed at a 3ft waterfall just out of town....also top secret stuff....but you might see a pic or two of this session in the next tydle mag.

Emile at the mini falls

Sunday and monday the crew drove home (17hrs) and stop and some super fun skate parks along the way. It was a good trip! Look out for the footage and keeper pictures in our upcoming video and the next tydle mag.

We are running low on certain models of boards so make sure to pick one up this week so you don't have to wait until we are back in stock...

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