Monday, April 26, 2010

Skim 2 Live Benefit Contest (wrap up)

The Skim To live contest and benefit for breast cancer went down on April 17th in Cypress Texas.

Here's what Ryan Efaw ,one of the coordinators, had to say about the contest,

"The comp went very well! Everything went smoothly, and it was just about exactly how I had pictured it, so I was happy with it.

We had about 600 people come out through the day, and raised about $2,000 on Saturday. That took our total amount raised to just over $5,000, and we still have some donations trickling in. The Rose is the non-profit breast cancer organization we support, and they were very impressed and grateful. They provide mammograms and services to people with breast cancer regardless of their ability to pay, and with our donation they will be able to provide around 60 mammograms free of charge.

The skim comp was extremely fun. Here are the results:

1st: Timothy Helm from Evolution Skim (Oklahoma City)
2nd: Paul Lentz from Skim 2 Live (Cypress)
3rd: Ryan Efaw (myself) from Skim 2 Live (Cypress)

We also had "Skim School" after the competition where many people learned how to skim for the first time.

We definitely succeeded in our two main goals of spreading breast cancer awareness, and spreading flatland skimboarding, so we would like to thank all of our supporters.

As always we would like to inform people that there is no cure for breast cancer yet, but the best prevention is a healthy, active lifestyle. So Skim 2 Live... Literally"

Thanks to Ryan and his crew for putting on this event.

Ryan with a shuv

Crowd at the beach

Bobby Jacobs on the box.

Timothy Helmsman eating it on the c-rail.

They even did a little skim school. Gotta teach em young.

Sign on the way to the beach.

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