Thursday, April 1, 2010

DB Visits Taiwan

Richard and Kyle took a trip to visit Ruei and the DB Skimboards Taiwan crew last week. The boys had a great time experiencing what Taiwan is all about with Ruei and his great group offriends train at the Taipei AirportOn the Subway

The boys toured Taipei on scooters whipping in and out of buses and riding 50 deep in some of the craziest scooter posse's on earth.
Ruei Built a sweet up flat in his Taishan apartment before we arrived. After getting the box down the stairs we quickly got it loaded up and on the way to Danshui.
Richard popping a shuv in a tidepool in Danshui. The weather was warm and everyone was stoked to be skimming. Although it was windy the crew had a sick sesh!
Ruei putting Taiwanese flatland skimboarding on the map with a nice shuv out.
The DB Taiwan crew!
DB Taiwan showed us how it was done with all kinds of meats, seafood, vegetables, and local delicacies."]
Kyle and Ruei on our last day in Taiwan, exploring the northern coastline.

DB has to give a huge thank-you to Ruei and his family for hosting us. Also a big thanks to Hung, Duong, Nik, Jason, Wei, Jocelyn, and everyone else who hosted us! We had a great time and are hoping to make it back soon!

For more information or to buy a board locally in taiwan:

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