Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Believe in your dreams DVD Case, Making of

Here at DB we do our best to make our products more "eco-friendly." Keep in mind that we do "our best," we aren't perfect but we do what we can to make the earth a little greener. Our BIYD DVD cases are one example of how DB is doing it's part. BIYD Cases are made from excess cardboard from our plant, instead of buying a bunch of plastic landfill bound cases this year we decided to take some of the extra cardboard from our shop and process it into cardboard DVD cases. The cases are re-cycled cardboard printed with eco friendly water based ink. So when you are "over" BIYD in 10 years just rip the hub out of the case and put it in your recycle bin :)

Step #1: Cut the cardboard

Cardboard is cut to shape on our cutting press.

Step #2: Scraps are put aside, ripped, and Re-Cycled

Inevitably there are some cardboard scraps produced from each piece of cardboard that goes into the press. We take those scraps and cut them to size, then put them in the re-cycle bin.

Step #3: Printing

After the cardboard is done being cut, the cases are printed flat with waterbased ink. Each case has a two color print on the front and a one color print on the interior.

Step #4: Drying

Each case is heat cured in our conveyor dryer and then stacked hap-hazardly on a random table.

Step #5: DVD Hub

An adhesive DVD hub is applied onto the case to hold the disc. We wanted to use our scrap foam to hold the disc but our foam turned out to be too soft to hold the disc well. These hubs are rubber....not so eco-friendly but at least your DVD will stay put!

Step #6: Folding

Cases are folded along scored lines applied by the cutting press.

Step #7: Disc is inserted on the hub

BIYD is put into place in all it's monster clad goodness.

Step #8: Rubber band is attached

Again....rubber...but something's got to hold the dvd closed! Just make sure you put his rubber band to good use if it's not going to be on your DVD case.

Step #9: Shrink Wrap

Yeah shrink wrap is plastic, but it keeps your DVD case clean and in one piece so it gets to you safe and sound. And get can re-cylcle it! Make sure your re-cylcing service accepts category 4: LDPE Low-Density Polyethylene and you should be good to go.

Well there you have it. A cardboard DVD case made from mostly existing materials that is mostly recyclable. We aren't green scientists but it seems like this case has to better or ever "slightly better" than a traditional 100% plastic DVD case. It's also hand made in the USA and pretty Rad! Make sure to pick up BIYD and check the packaging and movie out. It's our best movie yet and is sure to blow your mind.

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